Michael Fogleman

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Hello! My name is Michael Fogleman. I live in Cary, NC with my wife and our two beautiful children. I am a Software Engineer at Formlabs, with a focus on algorithms for 3D Printing applications. I love programming and am usually busy with side projects. My favorite languages are Python and Go, but I have broad experience with many languages and technologies. Much of my computing interest is geared toward computer graphics and computational geometry.

I like...

  • programming
  • woodworking
  • gardening
  • art
  • '80s music
  • science
  • space
  • food

I've worked at...

  • Formlabs
  • Kitware
  • TransLōc
  • Advanced Liquid Logic
  • TopCoder
  • IBM
  • REM Services
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Food Lion

I've lived in...

  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Connecticut


You can reach me by email at michael.fogleman@gmail.com.


The best way to keep up with my activities is to follow me on Twitter, @FogleBird.