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Mister Queen October 2014

146 C Game AI

Mr. Queen is a nice little chess engine written in C.

I wrote my first chess engine back in college. It didn't play very well because I never really figured out the advanced search techniques. More recently, after a long hiatus, I tried my hand at writing a chess engine again, and Mister Queen is the result. It's pretty weak among computer chess engines, but it can beat me handily. Features include:

  • Bitboards and "magic" bitboards for board representation and super-fast move generation.
  • Custom, hash-based opening book based on over three million games from the FICS database.
  • Zobrist hashing and a transposition table storing exact values and the best move.
  • Null move pruning, aspiration windows, iterative deepening, quiescence search.
  • Supports the Universal Chess Interface (UCI).
  • Passes all perft tests.

David Kopec used Mister Queen in a chess app for the Apple TV! Read what he wrote about that here.