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This page highlights several of my personal software projects.

Table of Contents

NES Emulator March 2015

5,373 Go Emulator OpenGL

Supports USB joysticks and has an awesome game selection screen.

I never had an NES as a kid, but I did have a Commodore 64. I played lots of games on it, including Mario ripoffs. Some of my friends had a Nintendo, so I did have some exposure and was always fond of SMB3. Writing an emulator sounded fun and now I can play old Mario classics whenever I want. And yes, it can generate animated GIFs!

DCPU-16 April 2012

70 Python C Emulator

An assembler, disassembler and emulator for the virtual DCPU-16 written in Python and C.

The DCPU-16 was intended to form the basis of a video game by Mojang called 0x10c. Work on the game has since discontinued, but at the time there was a lot of excitement around this virtual hardware.

Implemented Specifications

  • DCPU-16 1.7
  • LEM1802
  • Generic Keyboard
  • Generic Clock